I like living here. Granted

I originally was cautious about living here due to some of the alarming reviews I read about the property and management. Fortunately, it appears that it is under new management since those reviews were posted.

I like living here. Granted, it is a little more expensive compared to some of the surrounding properties I considered ($900/mo for 1BR), but the convenience of being able to walk to CWRU campus (I am a student there) or to Dave’s Market or Barrio, for instance, mostly offsets that. I also appreciate that the building itself is quiet, despite being near fairly busy roads (i.e. Cedar).

The 1BR apartment itself is spacious, which I very much enjoy. Having an in-suite washer and dryer is also convenient to have in addition to a dishwasher and gas stove (I hate cooking on electric stoves). Water and sewer are paid for, so I pay for electricity and natural gas. WiFi and parking are also paid for, provided you remain in good financial standing. (I do admit, however, that the underground parking garage poses a bit of a fun challenge to maneuver down!)

Because it’s an old building, there are a few problems, such as leaky pipes or occasional weird smells. Luckily, maintenance responds in a fairly timely manner. I had a massive leak from my bathroom ceiling, and while maintenance couldn’t be there that night, they fixed it the following morning.

So far, I have enjoyed living at this property (2374). Despite the minor issues bound to arise from living in an old building, the convenience and quietness as well as the amenities provided have thus far proven sufficient for me.